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We’ve covered some different and varied topics over the last few months, but we’re back on familiar territory in this edition: flat roofing. As ever, please send your feedback or suggestions to us by email, or reach us via LinkedIn. 

Demystifying Standards

Architects and specifiers are often told that they need to know all about standards and codes of practice. But many standards are big documents with a hefty price tag, meaning they are not always accessible or digestible. Our new blog post series is demystifying some of those standards.

This month’s subject is a document called ETAG 031. How does it affect the inverted roof solutions you specify, and how much do you need to know about it?


What do architects need to know about ETAG031?

For architects and specifiers looking to include an inverted flat roof as part of a construction project, ETAG 031 is a document that is very likely to be referenced in technical literature for inverted roof solutions. But what is ETAG 031, and how much do you need to know about it to help you successfully specify an inverted roof? Find out about ETAG 031 here.

Design Resources

A few newsletters ago we mentioned Passive House + magazine, and their excellent in-depth coverage of low energy construction. In June they hosted their first online roundtable event, with an impressive array of expert speakers discussing the topic of thermal bridging. The event is free to view online here.

With over 300 to choose from, it’s impossible to single out one episode of the House Planning Help podcast as being the best place to start listening. The podcast covers every aspect of self-build and low energy design and construction. Many of the huge variety of subjects are of interest to designers and specifiers, and the guest is always an expert with lots of practical experience. Our recommendation: look for a topic that interests you, and start from there!

Technical Support for BS6229

Getting More From Polyfoam XPS

Whether it’s guidance on designing and specifying extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation, or U-value calculations and condensation risk analyses, we’ve got you covered.

Polyfoam XPS’s technical staff have years of experience in the construction industry generally, and insulation manufacturing specifically, and are on hand to offer advice and answer questions at any stage of a project. Contact us through the website or email technical@polyfoamxps.co.uk.


What Caught Our Eye This Month ?

  • Willmott Dixon maps waste firms to reduce carbon emissions (via bimplus)
  • UKGBC launches new Solutions Library to enable sustainable buildings (via CIAT)
  • Three new tools to reduce embodied carbon (via bimplus)


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