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Demystifying Standards

Architects and specifiers are often told that they need to know all about standards and codes of practice. But many standards are big documents with a hefty price tag, meaning they are not always accessible or digestible. Our latest blog post series sets out to demystify some of those standards.


What do architects need to know about the Code for Construction Product Information?

This month we’re focusing on the Code for Construction Product Information. What is it and how might it effect the way you work? Although not yet officially launched, a recent consultation on a draft version has shone a spotlight on how designers and specifiers might interact with product manufacturers in the future. Find out what you need to know about the CCPI here.

Design Resources

Following on from the theme of this month’s featured blog post, the two resources we’re highlighting both do an excellent job of making complex information more accessible and clearer to understand.

The Designing Buildings Wiki is a crowd-sourced hub of construction knowledge, backed by high profile associations and organisations. There is an existing wealth of information, to which anybody can contribute in accordance with the site’s guidelines.

Building Regulations are a notoriously complex set of documents. The third edition of Guide to the Building Regulations sets out the structure of the regulations, their requirements, and the technical guidance of the Approved Documents, in a way that is easy to navigate and is arguably more logical than the ‘official’ publications. Approved Document B has been updated a number of times since the book’s publication date, but it remains a useful reference.

A construction office

Getting More From Polyfoam XPS

On the subject of making information about construction products clearer and more accessible, why not book one of our CPD sessions?

What is extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation? How does it perform compared to other common insulation types? What makes it the ideal choice for below ground, ground floor, and inverted flat roof applications?

Our CPD presentation, accredited by the CPD Certification Service, answers all of these questions. View the seminar online (coming soon) or contact us to arrange online delivery to your team.


What Caught Our Eye This Month ?

  • Tallest modular building in the world completes construction (via CIAT)
  • Building insulation: Is hydrogen our get out of jail free card? (via Energy Monitor)
  • Concrete batteries could create rechargeable buildings (via CIAT)
  • Building Services Design and Energy Modelling for Local Authority Housing Scheme (via GreenGauge)


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